Lesson Policy


Payment and Tuition:

-Per-lesson payment is due upon completion of the session.  

-Tuition for a package of four or more lessons is due upon the first lesson of the package.

-Payment accepted in Cash, Check, Venmo, or PayPal.  

Cancelations, Scheduling, Makeup Lessons:

*Full payment is required for lessons canceled within 24 hours*     

-Package lessons, canceled at least 24 hours in advance, qualify for a makeup lesson.

-For situations outside of the control of students who purchase a package of lessons, makeups will be offered.   


-Student is responsible for providing his or her own guitar, picks, etc. A folder or binder is recommended for organizing handouts and keeping track of homework.

-A living room or game room are ideal spots to work, provided they are relatively free of distraction

-Should you prefer a lesson away from home, I schedule lessons at Space Rehearsal in South Austin a few times per week (spaceatx.com). It's an easily accessible, well-lit, clean, and fun facility with free WiFi and a waiting lounge. An additional $10 fee will be added for lessons at Space for hourly room rental.

-A minimum time investment must be applied on the part of the student in order to see improvement week to week. Most people are surprised at how quickly they progress, with even as little as 15 minutes of practice a few times per week, but consistency is absolutely crucial. Shorter sessions each day are far superior to longer, more infrequent sessions.

-Beginners will experience a bit of discomfort; this is 100% normal as the fingers toughen and develop calluses. Hang in there!