Keenan LeVick

I grew up in the middle of cotton fields between Lubbock and Levelland, TX. I always had the music "bug", but it really took off when I was 13, upon receipt of a red Squier Strat on Christmas Day. After three years of attempting as many butchered blues,pop, and rock songs as my ears would allow, I began studying in earnest under classical guitar master David Brandon, whose professional associates run the gamut from Christopher Parkening and Andres Segovia, to Julie Andrews, Eric Johnson,DaveBrubeck,andChet Atkins. David, despite his complete artistic and theoretical mastery of the guitar, showed me that music isn't math, that sound is sound regardless of style or perceived pedigree. He helped me cultivate my love and passionfor guitar and broadened my appreciation and understanding of multiple styles,as well  as music theory. He accomplished something that a lot of teachers have a hard time with: consistently encouraging a student to dig deeper, withoutdismantling the fun or passion that drive the process.

At 17 I began teaching as an associate instructor at David's private studio in Lubbock, and taught upwards of 35 students per week for about four years. I attended South Plains College's world renowned creative arts program as a commercial music major where I had the distinction of playing for the program's top three "audition-only" ensembles, and I've been lucky enough to attend master classes by Christopher Parkening, Eric Johnson, David Grissom, Redd Volkaert, and Joe Bonamassa.  I moved to Austin at 21 and I've since performed and recorded with/for a variety of artists including Texas country icons Pat Green and Kyle Park, Austin Hip-Hop stalwart MC Overlord, and Nashville songwriter Ryan Beaver.

I am passionate about sharing the things I've learned along the way. I'm a perpetual student, and always looking for ways to improve my instruction. I've been fortunate enough to travel in tour buses and play to crowds of thousands, and still, almost nothing is as satisfying for me as having played a part in someone's "Eureka!" moment. There is so much joy and satisfaction I've found in the study of music, and I always try to teach in that spirit. One size does NOT fit all, and I tailor lesson plans as we go to fit skill level, age, goals, and personality. I'm quick to discard what isn't working, play to strengths, and very carefully try to improve upon weaknesses and knowledge gaps in more experienced players.

Rather than a source of stress (unfortunately common in the realm of private music instruction), I hope my students look forward to our time together as a respite from the daily grind. I know that's how I feel about teaching.